on 19 דצמבר 2013

StockNgo – for intermediation and selling of diamonds



In the near future, digital tools will govern modern business, marketing, and selling processes. Electronic catalogues will be part of many sites, and will enable the introduction of real-time data to the client and improve the dialogue between buyer and seller.

Research on internet marketing shows that an available, quick and convenient site, which presents all the necessary information at high-quality resolution and securely, and requiring minimal time to operate, promotes quick sales, trust, and daily communication between the parties involved throughout the sales process.


Aplicatzia is the one of the most outstanding software companies that has accrued real experience over the years in developing such sites. Its customers include companies of various industries, agents dealing in import, government offices, and private customers. Our development teams engage in the development of image sites, sales sites, support landing pages to promotes sites, and interfaces to common management systems. Our technicians have vast experience and knowledge in the integration of software solutions on existing or new hardware. We build sites in secured and backed-up cloud servers. All the client has to do is update his site, and all control is remotely taken over, insuring the safety and integrity of the data and preventing malicious penetration to the site.



StockNgo as a New Way of Selling Diamonds

StockNgo is a practical way for the intermediation and selling of diamonds and jewels. StockNgo includes an electronic diamond catalogue, which is a new way of handling the commerce of diamonds and jewels. If you have already clicked on this article, you are certainly interested in the diamond market, intermediation in jewels, or perhaps we have piqued your curiosity as a diamond office owner who crave to be in the front of technology, and is seeking to maximize and expand his business in Israel and abroad.

Can you spare the time and read on? Are you looking for an innovative, fresh solution for your business? Are you searching for an advanced solution, with a lower risk level during the sales or intermediation process that is easy-to-use and conveniently organized to promote your sales process?

If so, you're at the right place. Aplicatzia Software House Ltd. is deeply involved in the field, after a yearlong development process together with a leading diamond office and local software houses located in the Diamond Stock Exchange in Ramat-Gan. The initial idea and intricate sketches combined to form a unique product. Now, in the middle of its Beta stage tests, it includes internet interface for diamond office owners.

Try to forget everything you already know. The outdated method of mediating and sale of diamonds starts daily, when the broker puts several envelopes with several kinds of diamonds and jewels into his bag, in various quantities, and then introduces his merchandise to customers. Endless maneuvers of opening and closing the bag are required, while attempting to maintain maximum security of the merchandise. This causes tremendous, unnecessary stress to the broker, while he should be focusing on his client.

At times, the broker might represent several diamond offices that do not sell similar jewels or are in competition with each other. He has to carry a large quantity of jewels, and the process is exhausting. As the day goes on, the concentration level decreases, the time required carrying out the same task increases, and the transaction is only secured in the Diamond Stock Exchange building.

We offer a new solution that includes connection to end-users, dormant users, brokers, and essentially anyone who is interested in gaining access to the broker's cellular shop, 24/7, from everywhere, enjoying updated stock and special prices adapted to each user. The dream comes true with our application of a computerized, smart, and updated catalogue.

StockNgo introduces a new digital online approach to the diamond market, assisting sales to many more clients. Customers can see the stock round-the-clock, from everywhere. They can mark a sale, or buy when it is most convenient.



How it Works

The application introduces your stock efficiently, including pictures and certificates for every jewel, and updated prices according to the Rapaport pricelist. It can be operated in both online and offline modes. You can click on a diamond and see all the relevant details, and also zoom in for a more detailed inspection. We are thinking of you and your safety; no need to carry a heavy bag of jewels all day long, envelopes with diamonds, or any GIA original certificates. Our solution unloads the burden – it weighs only 400 grams.

Upon opening the application, you will get a full graphic display of all your available stock. Data is displayed in real time, so no duplicate selling is possible. Consequently, the application prevents mishaps and selling of the same product to two different people. The mediator can be connected to several offices in real time and receive data on stock details 24/7, from everywhere. He can insert his tablet into his pocket instead of "hard merchandise", and can continue with his daily business with no worries. The end user becomes an active part of the transaction: he or she can choose the type of diamond they are interested in with the aid of the various tools included in the application, and can send a price offer online. The seller has full control of the prices displayed for each client.

On re-entering the application, the potential buyer can see the same diamond he had previously been interested in, and can resume the process (if the diamond had not been sold in the interim).

He can also correspond online with the diamond's owner, who can approve the bid of the buyer or offer another price; messages are immediately received. If there are doubts concerning price, the application offers a calculator option to calculate the price according to Rapaport international pricelist, updated online. If the buyer decides he wants the diamond, he can bid online, or agree to the seller's offer and conduct the transaction. Digital transactions are better then   a "handshake" – it's all recorded and stored. This process saves you time and money through a quick and reliable system.


StockNgo was developed by Aplicatzia Software House Ltd.


StockNgo for Various Industries

StockNgo displays and manages data in real time to promote and improve selling processes. It can assist in selling various products of several suppliers through digital catalogues and order management systems. The basic engine is that ofStockNgo, but it can be accommodated to any industry, from imported toys and sports merchandise to food and textiles; it suits businesses with several suppliers or shops, as well as small businesses. We offer great flexibility in software features.

The application can also be integrated with any business management system using a database and office management capabilities. Your current software can also be fully integrated with the application.    


Our aim is to improve selling processes on the basis of real-time data, such as is required today. Does knowing all the information about a product really promote sales? The answer is definitely yes; available information encourages interest and increases sales. More information means less time… and more money.


Example of Adapting the Application to another Industry

One of Aplicatzia's oldest clients is a big sports accessories company that employs 18 independent suppliers and many hired agents. The agents regularly visit each customer once a week. They show him/her glossy catalogues of the newest imports, and check the stock, prices, and delivery dates. In the past, the company had portable computers that could show a "nearly updated picture", but there was always a gap between the start of a new campaign or a new product introduced to the stock and the time all the agents were informed about the details.

Following a few meetings with Aplicatzia's team of developers, the sales process was characterized. We obtained a clear picture of the sales procedure, from getting the product into stock to its introduction and sale to the end-client. We promised to keep all of the company's processes intact, with emphasis on improving them.

We then developed a custom application on the basis of StockNgo. It took 3 months of mutual hard work till the end of implementation. As a result, there has been a significant improvement in every aspect of the sales process. Steps were shortened, from getting the merchandise into the warehouse to feeding the required documents into the management system (Hashavshevet, Priority, SAP, Integral). The new sales system takes samples of stock 24 hours a day and updates the end-user application (in the cellular phones of the agents).

When a new product comes in, a simple input system installed in the company's office helps in preparing an attractive catalogue. Within a few moments products and campaigns are updated in real time. The agents can show the products in their smartphone, or tablet, feel safe throughout the sales process, and know exactly what is in stock. They can reserve products for the client, and even receive credit-card payments. The quality and number of sales rose by 25% immediately after the initial integration of the application, with a continuous monthly growth.

The application is suitable for either only a small number of agents to thousands of agents. There is actually no limit. We also offer convenient packages to rent, and the possibility to accommodate the system to every sort of product or service.